zCloud Version 2

Back up. Back Up. Back up.  One of the most important things people forget to do, until it is to late.

zCloud ver.2 is making it easy teaming up with NextCloud. Most Cloud Services will cap your data, we do not. Now you can back up your desktop, laptop and your android or apple devices within one easy to use program.  NextCloud app is on Google Play or on the Apple Store it is also available for Linux and Windows Based PCs.

Back up your phone with ease and save your contacts and either choose the files and folders to back up or back up your entire phone.  Sync your calendar with all your devices as well as share them with your circle.

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Sync Calender and Contacts

Messenger and NextTalk

Nextcloud puts your data at your fingertips, under your control. Store your documents, calendar, contacts and photos on a server at home, at one of our providers or in a data center you trust.

Meetings with colleagues, customers and partners – have a personal conversation with one click.

Keep conversations private with Nextcloud Talk.

File Sharing

For Your Circle

Sign up now for free access and start backing up all your important pictures, documents and files.  Sync between devices, any device on any platform.  Get a piece of mind controlling your own back ups and managing your files.  Share your files and pictures to family and friends no matter how far they are from you.


Send Files through the built in Messenger app.