zomputer.COM been around since 1999, launched alongside our gaming website, SoldiersofBattlefield.com.  PC Gaming is a big part of our background and experience.  We know ever aspect from what components make up a FAST computer to maintaining a good quality home network.  

No matter what your computer needs, we are here to help.  If your computer is slow, we can speed it up.  If you have a question you need answered, just ask.  Computer Builds, we can build it.  Computer Upgrades, will make it better.  Networks we can set it up for you.  Wi-Fi dead spots, we can make it stronger.  Websites, we can do that too.  Don’t want to bring it in to a shop, We will come to YOU.

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Computer Service

Computer running slower then when you first bought it?  Well over time to many programs can slow your system down to a crawl.  Adding another stick of RAM may help.   Or is it more complex then that?  Trojans, Desktop Hijackers, Worms and other nasty malware/bloatware can also cause havoc on your PC.   We can make it fast again and back-up all your personal data. 

Custom Builds

Do you want to extend the life of your PC?  I am a strong advocate of building a computer that has longevity.  Motherboard is one of the major components that will decide if your computer will be outdated in 3 months or 2 years.  Upgradability is crucial in the build.  Cheap is good for the short haul but if you want to end up dumping more money into a system.  You know what they say, do it right the first time.  

Network Infostructure

Most ISP’s, (Internet Service Providers) offer free wireless with their equipment but most of that equipment is ranked on an apartment size home.  Most homes have Wi-Fi dead spots caused from numerous variables that you maybe unaware of.  We can find those dead spots and make your Wireless stronger and more stable then ever.  Your wireless printer not working?  Will can fix that as well.